The Manga Studio 5 Beginner's Cheat Sheet

Creating a File

File > New... or Ctrl+N.

Saving a File

File > Save... or Ctrl+S.

Save For Web or Export Single Layer

For saving files in jpeg, gif, png or other web formats, File > Export (Single Layer).

Changing Shortcuts

File > Shortcut Settings.

Each setting area corresponds with a specific portion of the interface. It is a very daunting list, but once you understand the basics behind its organization, things will be much easier to find.

Main Menu shortcuts refer to shortcuts that are in text on the top left of your screen: File, Edit, Layer, Selection, View, Filter, Window and Help.

Option shortcuts refer to settings of tools, such as brush size, opacity and brush color.

Tool shortcuts refer to actual tools like the icons on the left side like the brush or eraser tool.

Auto Action shortcuts refer to action sets, more commonly known as Macros.

*Tip: In general, you're probably looking for Tool shortcuts to figure out how to access things like they hot key for a brush, lasso tool or any other basic tool. Start from there first and if you can't find what you're looking for, try Option shortcuts.

Changing the color of the interface.

For the night-time artist, File > Preferences > Interface > Color allows you to change the interface from a light grey to a darker one.

Pen Pressure Settings

Under the File > Pen Pressure Settings, you can adjust how the program interacts with your drawing tablet.

*Tip: When calibrating your tablet, draw a single line starting with soft pressure and end with hard pressure. Try to mimic the amount of pressure you would use normally.

Flipping the Canvas

Edit > Rotate/Invert Canvas > Flip Horizontal or Flip Vertical or Click the icon  underneath the Navigator Pane.