ClipStudioPaint = Manga Studio 5

You might be wondering why there are aren't digital copies of Manga Studio 5.

Manga Studio 5 is actually ClipStudioPaint rebranded and localized in the US. Historically, there have been english patches for ClipStudioPaint, but they were fan-done and unofficial. For an end-user, the unofficial distinction doesn't matter, but when it comes to actually setting up shop, you do need official releases.

Basically, SmithMicro has been publishing products made by Celsys. Celsys has decided to cut out the middle-man and publish their own english release of ClipStudioPaint.

What does this mean for you as a current user? I don't know for sure yet. There are a couple problematic possibilities, such as Manga Studio 5 not getting extra patches in the future, but nothing is set in stone.

For users who have not purchased the program yet, good news! The ClipStudioPaint demo is out so go get it! It's the same exact program as Manga Studio 5.

All and all, this isn't a sinking ship or anything. I might be making ClipStudioSensei in the future depending on the need, but ideally I would rather have the userbase know that ClipStudioPaint and MangaStudio5 resources are one and the same.

Edit: Unfortunately, MS5 keys do not work on the new CSP-English download. Neither do Japanese keys on the English version. If you're going to buy ClipStudioPaint, wait until the 10th.